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     Welcome to yoga!  You have just embarked upon a journey that will change your life.  Yoga is a lifestyle; an art and science of living.  It is an integrated system designed to bring man back to his true nature.  It is a way in which to re-connect with our own being.  The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root “Yuj”, meaning to join, bind, or attach.  Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy and discipline applied to the development and education of the mind, body, & spirit.  Yoga, as they say in India, is the marriage of spirit and matter.  Yoga has been universally termed the “ancient science of self-mastery.” 

     Yoga is not a religion and its techniques are practiced by many religious sectors.  Yoga is a complete system of mental and physical training designed to develop one spiritually.  Today there are many different types of yoga.  It helps to make sense of its complexity by recognizing it as a family tree of yoga.  Each branch of this tree gave bud to what we know in the west as the popular and traditional hatha yoga.  (Pronounced HATA.)  Hatha means “balance,” reflecting the balance between the mind, body, and spirit.  
     Yoga is now being incorporated into a number of American health regimes, valued more for its physical rather than spiritual benefits.   Hatha yoga practice is wonderfully versatile, and is appropriate for both men and women of all ages and levels of proficiency.  Classical yoga is extremely eclectic and adaptable. Yoga is accessible and should be confidentially approachable by everyone.   Yoga is a journey and an endless opportunity to learn, explore, and discover ourselves and to improve our perception of the world around us. 


To impart the wisdom of the Yoga lifestyle, expressing the inner brilliance, intuition, and compassion of Traditional Yoga. To share the purity, simplicity, and lifelong benefits of Yoga through regular and systematic practice, creating space for personal value and individualized expression, to ultimately realize the goal of unity through physical, mental and spiritual balance.

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